The Crossing Guard and In Full Light

crossing_guard_and_in_full_lightThe Crossing Guard and In Full Light

A collection of two plays.

Playwrights Canada Press, 2011

Click here to order the e-book, or request the real-book from your local bookstore (Type Books and Ben McNally are my favourites in Toronto), or look on Amazon.

Every day after school, seventeen-year-old Timothy waits at the neighbourhood crosswalk where years earlier his older sister disappeared. Every day he crosses the street with Jim, the elderly crossing guard. It’s a ritual Timothy thinks might go on forever, until one day he arrives and Jim is absent. Instead, standing at the crosswalk is a young woman—a young woman who looks a lot like his missing sister. The Crossing Guard is a tender meditation on the limits of fidelity.

Ben’s teenaged daughter Claire is hit by a car. To ease his conscience, Leon, the driver, approaches Ben with a cheque. Which Ben takes. But now why is Leon calling Ben at work and showing up on his front lawn? And what’s going on with Claire, now recovered, throwing rocks at the window of the boy who lives across the street? In Full Light is a riveting exploration of obligation, obsession and desire.

 WINNER, 2007 SummerWorks Jury Prize for Outstanding New Play – In Full Light

“[The Crossing Guard] reverberates with emotion and gentle humour.”
— Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“The characters of Daniel Karasik’s play In Full Light find frightening means in order to draw close to each other. Tension builds in the piece through its dry, humorous storytelling and technically expert quick scene changes, also through the urgency and force with which its characters encounter one another. The dramatist Daniel Karasik writes of human abysses and asks about the conditions and accompaniments of love. He delivers an explosive and very personal visual language for the stage. And it is amazing what the young author of In Full Light already knows about people.”
— Jury Citation,
New Canadian Drama 2008 (Berlin)

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