Dear Tanja Jacobs and Philip McKee (Or, Greek Tragedy Is Dead; Long Live Greek Tragedy)


bloodyfamily_largeDear Tanja and Phil,

I really liked Bloody Family, your re-imagining of Aeschylus’ Oresteia that’s now playing at Toronto’s Theatre Centre. I hope a lot of people attend your final four performances. Among those people, I hope, are some artistic directors and other programmers who see the value in this work and offer you a chance to develop it further and showcase it for a bigger audience, in a longer run. I think that could be a very good thing for theatre in this city and country.

I headed down to the Theatre Centre last night because I had a hunch, fed by your production’s marketing copy and my sense of your and collaborator Rose Plotek’s past work, that Bloody Family would raise the question of why we should still pay attention to Greek drama, would somehow deal with the fact that an hour or two of portentous bloodletting is not, in itself, obviously worth a grown-up audience’s attention.

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