i turned my website which used to house Opinions into a place only for Poems!!!

collected here are fifteen faves among the little prose poems or meditations or whatever that i’ve been posting on my facebook so can’t submit to Official Publication Places elsewhere, and possibly wouldn’t even want to, but perhaps you’ll find some of them Nice or Good?

i will likely update the site with more small words in the future, and if u follow/subscribe or we’re social media pals i can let u know when i do. they form part of a maybe-book (a Book of Maybe) i’m working on, an attempt at a queer & trans socialist poetics informed by & in dialogue with ongoing organizing work in social movement spaces.

in the meantime i think the internet should contain slightly (but only slightly) fewer opinions and exponentially (like wow a lot) more poems, so this is my tiny contribution to that digital world-making horizon. ok cool thx!


oh also a note on formatting: some of these texts are in lineated verse & some are prose & some have a bit of both, but you won’t always be able to tell which is which on a vertically held smartphone screen. for optimal viewing, check this site out on a desktop computer or a tablet or a smartphone turned horizontal!