Partisan Magazine: Never an Intruder, Always a Guest


Anand-Rajaram-Sarah-Dodd-in-Mustard-2-photo-by-Cylla-von-Tiedemann_web-1024x716When an important theatre company’s entire eight-play season includes just one (1) actor who unambiguously couldn’t pass for an ethnic European, and that actor is cast as a non-human in a jester’s hat, can that truly be seen as a positive, progressive example of “colour-blind casting”?

If racial and ethnic “colour-blindness” isn’t a genuine human possibility, tribal and prideful as we are, but is instead a bourgeois myth that allows the lookers to feel morally righteous instead of confronting their own prejudices, what’s the artist’s responsibility in relation to it?

For Partisan Magazine, I asked these and other questions in a discussion of Mustard at Tarragon Theatre: